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Buying a house is an emotional process. And you only do it a few times in your life. Whether you are a first time buyer or have bought a house before: it is and always will be a big step, involving a large amount of money. And as is often the case, everybody has an opinion, but nobody knows how it really works.

Would not you prefer to talk it over with an expert? With someone who really knows all that is involved, what the procedures are like, what is a good offer and what way to handle it?

A house you choose with your heart but you buy it with your head

Your heart may be set on the house you have fallen in love with, but emotion is a poor counsellor. I can negotiate for you, on the basis of rational considerations, a good price, on good terms. That is why you employ a property buying agent. So that you eventually buy a house with complete satisfaction and for which you have given the right price.


And that is just one of the arguments to team up with property buying agency Van Weele. There are many more reasons: thus I am aware of new properties coming onto the market even before they are listed on Funda. This ensures that you have truly first choice and that I shall be able to find the house of your dreams. In addition, as a resident of the City of Lights myself, I am familiar with the ins and outs of the city, its suburbs and surrounding villages. Naturally, I shall deal with all administrative and legal aspects involved in the purchase of your house.

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"Els is very resourceful, responsible and responsive. She helped us from search till viewing till the actual purchasing. Everything is done timely, smoothly and all the troublesome and tricky details are considerately taken care of. Highly recommended!"

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