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The buying process in 5 steps

2. Searching and viewing

Once we have clarified what you are looking for, I shall start looking with you, or on your behalf, for a suitable property. I shall arrange viewings, I shall be accompanying you and inspecting the property. Next I shall determine the value and structural condition of the house. If necessary, I shall arrange for a structural inspection and review the structural report. Furthermore, I shall be checking all relevant information, such as the NVM's questionnaire, proof of ownership, Land Registry, documents from the Owners' Association, and civil law aspects.

1. Making an inventory

At our first meeting we shall be making an inventory of your requirements. 

  • What kind of property are you looking for and where?

  • Do you prefer a newly-built house or an existing one? What is your budget?

3. Negotiation

Negotiation is an art form, and this is where my strengths lie. Together with you I shall determine the negotiation strategy. In addition to price fixing, I deal with contingency clauses, special clauses, penalty clauses, and I can help you choose a solicitor.

4. Contract settlements

It is essential to know what you are putting your signature to! I shall check the purchase agreement meticulously, whereupon I shall go over it with you. I shall also check the title deed and final statement drawn up by the solicitor meticulously, and go over these too with you, to ensure that all is perfectly understood.

You would not wish to go through all of these steps without the help of an expert.
After all, you do not buy a house all by yourself!
5. House transfer

We are nearly there... the final inspection of the property is next. Are you actually getting that which has been agreed upon? Has the selling party kept their side of the bargain? I shall be keeping a close eye on this. When the solicitor approves the title deed, I shall be present. And then the happy moment: the handing over of the keys. Congratulations on your new house!

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