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Needing a thorough valuation report?


There are a number of reasons why you may require a valuation report. You may wish to sell your house, for instance, and need to know its fair value. Or a divorce or inheritance may be the reason. Financing the purchase of a property, a house conversion, or refinancing your mortgage, also necessitates a professional valuation report. 


Making a valuation is a complex process

As an NVM estate agent and valuation surveyor, I shall be checking and evaluating all aspects that bear on the value of your (future) property. In doing this, I rely heavily on my local knowledge and experience. 

Location, after all, plays a crucial role in setting a price. I write down my conclusions in a valuation report. In the NVM's extensive database, I can find plenty of comparable properties to support my valuation.

Validated valuation report

Often a standard valuation report will suffice. But occasionally a further check of the valuation report is compulsory. For banks will in almost all cases require a so-called validated valuation report to be submitted along with a mortgage application. In that case, too, I can help out, as I am a member of the NWWI. The NWWI - the Dutch Property Value Institute - ensures that any valuation report is drawn up uniformly and according to clear guidelines.


As I am a member of the NVM, the VastgoedCert institute, the NRVT and the NWWI, my valuations are acceptable to all financial institutions as well as the Inland Revenue.


The fee for a validated NWWI evaluation report for a house or apartment is 500 euros including land registry and validation costs and VAT.

The cost of a valuation report submitted to finance a house is fully tax deductible.
Would you like to apply for a NWWI report? Click on the logo, and you will be taken to the NWWI application form screen.

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