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7 reasons to choose Property buying agency Van Weele

The buyer at the centre

You, the buyer, are at the centre of my approach. It is essential to understand that the seller's estate agent has been hired by the seller and that he evidently represents the seller's interests. I represent solely your interests as a buyer. I approach the purchase purely from a business angle and advise you on the basis of rational arguments. Your emotions play no part.

Beating Funda

As a member of the NVM, the Dutch Association of Estate Agents, I am amongst the first to be alerted to new properties coming onto the market, quite often even before these are listed on Funda. Moreover, not all properties are listed online. Clearly this has many advantages: you stand a better chance to secure the house you covet and at the right price.

Excluding risks

Are you aware that the principle of 'let the buyer beware' applies to you as a buyer, and indeed what that means? I do know exactly what to watch out for during negotiations. Thus disappointments are avoided, as well as any additional costs you might incur after the purchase.


One of the most challenging tasks for a would-be buyer is how to conduct the negotiations. In this area you will benefit most from my experience and expertise. I know the ins and outs of the marketplace, and am a very dedicated and experienced negotiator. This way you will buy a house for a price that is market conform and suits your personal financial circumstances.

Saving time

As I shall be looking into the necessary paperwork (such as the Land Registry, permits and local development plans) you will save a lot of time. Furthermore, because I know exactly which information to collect and where to find it, you can be absolutely sure that this information is accurate and up-to-date. I shall also be monitoring the implementation of the contract from first to last.

Local knowlege

As a local buying agent, I am intimately acquainted with the make-up of the city and its surroundings and what these have to offer. I know just that bit more than the presence of schools and the principal routes out of the city. Take, for instance, defects common in certain neighbourhoods or types of housing. Furthermore, I am well-informed on the development of house prices locally.

No worries

You need not start up in the middle of the night, wondering if everything is going to be ready in time, because I take care of really everything. From the first viewing to the signing of the contract. And I keep crucial deadlines for you, such as the contingency clause that makes the offer subject to the buyer obtaining the necessary financing. Of course I consult with you at every stage of the negotiating process. Buying without worries: a great feeling and a great comfort.

'Our buying agent Els saved us a lot of time and money'

Buy sensibly with Property buying agency Van Weele.

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