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Save time, worries and money

These are often-heard arguments to do without a buying agent. But how much knowledge of the housing market and negotiating experience do you actually have? Especially when you are up against a selling party who does employ an expert agent, you run a serious risk of paying over the odds.


Expertise, independence and years of experience enable me to negotiate for you the very best purchasing price on the very best terms. Because I partially work for a performance-based fee, you can be sure that I shall be doing my utmost to achieve the lowest possible purchasing price!

Property buying service

In this complete service, I shall actively search for a suitable property, I will arrange and be present at the house viewing(s)  and I will assist you at each step of the acquisition process. The costs are 1950 euros plus 10% on the savings on the asking price.The minimum charge for the property buying service is 2500 euros.


All fees mentioned above include VAT.


Worth noting: no advance fee! Only after the purchase has been fully completed and you have signed the contract of sale, your invoice will be made out. The sum due will be added to the total amount handled by the civil law notary. So you do not pay anything until you are the actual owner of your new property.


"Why bother with a property buying agent?
Aren't I capable of negotiating myself?
Hiring an agent is so much money wasted!"


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